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Our goal for The New Space is for you to feel welcomed and celebrated when you step inside!

Ally opened a House of Colour franchise in July 2019. Beginning in her home, Ally saw clients in her studio before moving to Blend and Bright Salon in Ankeny during 2021. As her team grew, so did their needs for a space where they could serve more clients in the Des Moines area.

The New Space is the culmination of Ally’s hopes in creating a colorful, joyful space to meet all your styling needs. Stop in with your questions, to shop, or just to say “hi.” All are welcome! Everything about our place is designed to make you smile. Book any of the services we provide or shop our retail and makeup. Our front desk staff is equipped to help you find what you need so you can leave feeling your best!

Color and style analysis is by appointment only. Learn more about each service below.

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When you feel great about your appearance, you will radiate a confidence that will help you thrive in your professional and personal life!

We use a scientific process based on the study of color theory from the famous German design school, The Bauhaus. Using precision-dyed drapes and extensive training, our consultants will prove to you the value of knowing your “season.” You’ll leave your appointment with a variety of information to apply to all your future selections for makeup, hair color, jewelry, and shopping.

We apply this information to women, men, and children of all races, ethnicities, and genders.

In addition to color analysis, we offer personal style and image consulting. Our consultants carry many high-quality products to further enhance the customer experience. During your color analysis you will also receive a makeup application with products customized to your coloring.

You will leave our studios with all the tools you need to celebrate and enjoy your natural beauty!

What is Color Analysis

Our Services

Our introductory service is our color analysis. Click below to learn more about each of our services and what to expect during an appointment.

“I moved up the corporate ladder quickly as a young person, but as I’ve aged I haven’t made time to work on my image. During the pandemic, I noticed that on conference calls I wasn’t looking my best. I decided that I would look into a color analysis. Working with House of Colour Des Moines was a dream. I had my colors done and found lipstick I loved and felt good in for the first time. The styling class was beyond my expectations: as Desiree talked, I couldn’t take notes fast enough! I had another consultant clean out my closet and personal shop for me. Wherever I’ve gone, I’ve received compliments. Whenever I’ve led a meeting, I haven’t stressed about what I wear like I used to. This process has been life changing for me!”— Karen B, CEO, Newton

Naphtali & Ally

About Hair

Color analysis and hair color go hand in hand! Knowing your season will help you choose the best colors for your hair.

There are a wide variety of hair color choices, and that is why learning your season will help you choose the most flattering option for you. Should you go light or dark with your hair color? Should the tone be cool or warm? This information will be revealed during your analysis and then applied by your hair colorist.

Our team works with Blend and Bright Salon in Ankeny. Blend and Bright’s owner Naphtali is an image consultant who applies her training to hair color and style. Her staff is trained to help you take this next step to feeling and looking your best! Learn more at

About Wardrobe

About Wardrobe

When you feel great in your outfit, you exude confidence wherever you go. Learn how to put together outfits for work and play, starting with what you already own. Next, you’ll have information to add pieces that feel comfortable and authentic!

Our wardrobe services include closet decluttering and personal shopping. Both can be done virtually or in-person.


Do you need any other information on our process? Would you like to schedule a corporate event, bachelorette party, or speaking engagement? Please reach out!