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Alexa G.

With a background in corporate leadership, Alexa began immediately applying what she learned during her color analysis to her business wardrobe. She found the process to be life changing! After wearing mostly black and gray for years, Alexa was blown away by the elevated boost in confidence she felt when she started wearing her Autumn palette. Now she’s the go-to-expert among her friends and family when it comes to House of Colour.

Alexa is responsible for advisor training and development at Northwestern Mutual, and loves her career. She’ll be seeing color analysis clients on the weekends, and some evenings to accommodate our growing demand for those time slots! Working alongside Ally and attending House of Colour training has been a creative outlet for Alexa, and House of Colour is a dream bonus career! Her commitment to excellence and perfectionism, she’s an Enneagram 1 and offers coaching in all things Enneagram, makes her the perfect addition to our team.

In her free time, Alexa loves being on the lake, attending concerts, being active, and spending time with her soon-to-be husband, Archie who has a chiropractor practice in the area.

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