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Our Stylists

Meet Our Stylists

You can find a consultant at one of our storefronts or an in-home studio near you!

We all receive the same training and offer our transformative services in several locations around Central Iowa. Read below to meet these amazing women and see their booking links.

Services We Offer

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Amy H smiling and looking at camera wearing a black jacket and purple shirt

Amy H.

LOCATION: West Des Moines

STYLE: Winter, Classic Ingenue

After seeing firsthand the transformation of a friend following her color analysis, Amy knew she had to try it for herself. The knowledge she has gained from her color and style analysis has simplified shopping and getting dressed while also making her feel more confident and put-together.

After spending many years (and dollars!) as a “blonde,” Amy felt encouraged to embrace her brunette roots and hasn’t looked back! Amy works as a physician assistant in family medicine and really enjoys helping people feel their best. She values the trust that patients give her as their healthcare provider, and she can’t wait to build a similar bond with her clients that she sees for color and style analysis!

In her free time, Amy and her family love to take their camper on weekend adventures around Iowa. She also enjoys reading and spending time in the garden.

Services offered:
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Amy S smiling and looking at camera wearing a white headband and dark blue jacket

Amy S.


STYLE: Winter & Ingenue Gamine

After researching the color analysis process, Amy asked for an appointment as a gift. And what a gift it was! She finally understood why she didn’t love her wardrobe. To have the tools to focus on her best colors for everything she wears, from makeup to accessories, was truly life changing.

Amy feels SO blessed to share this gift, teaching men and women about the joy of loving their colors. Following her color analysis, Amy enhanced her understanding by taking the style class a few months later, which helped complete her personal image transformation.

She highly encourages everyone that has their colors done to take the style class. Having a personal stylist has often been viewed as a luxury, but it is now more accessible than ever. Amy truly believes that color and style will save you time and money, making the daily ritual of dressing more of a joy!

Services offered:
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April C smiling and looking at camera wearing a green jacket

April C.

LOCATION: Melbourne

STYLE: Winter, Romantic Classic

Prior to discovering color analysis, April primarily wore black and neutrals. She would never have guessed she was a Winter who would wear bright and vivid colors—especially acid yellow! While not a color April would have EVER considered, she now receives compliments EVERY time she wears it!

April has spent her 20+ year career in information technology at a Fortune 100 company trying to “blend in” since she primarily worked with men. Since having her colors done, she has completely transformed her wardrobe and has never felt more confident showing up in color!

She was amazed to experience a closet that harmonizes with items that can easily be mixed and matched. Your overwhelming closet can become exciting and manageable! April can’t wait to help you save time, energy, and money. She is confident you will appreciate making this investment in you!

Services offered:
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Desiree N smiling with silver hoop earrings and a dark blue jacket

Desiree N.

LOCATION: West Des Moines

STYLE: Summer & Classic Ingenue

Having her colors done was life-changing for Desiree. She didn’t love shopping or style because coordinating her closet was overwhelming and did not come naturally. Since having her color and style analyzed, Des found shopping to be exciting and no longer a task! Desiree gained a new confidence in herself and feels great in her own skin.

This process was a blessing to her life, and Desiree couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with others in her community. Des loves empowering men and women to feel their best and explore the world of COLOR.

Services offered:
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Jade B.

LOCATION: West Des Moines

STYLE: Winter, Natural Ingenue

Jade is so excited to be part of The New Space team. She had her color done three years ago and it changed the styling game for her. As someone who spent most of her life thinking she was suited to yellow-based hues, her analysis made her look at colors in a whole new way.

In 2021, Jade opened a color analysis studio in Dubuque. She recently moved back to the Des Moines area with her husband.

Jade has always had a deep love for fashion and beauty. Color analysis has been the bow that has tied her style together. With a minor in apparel merchandising, Jade always knew she wanted to find a way to use her passion. Teaching color and style has brought her dream to fruition. As a recovering shopaholic, knowing her color and style has made shopping easier and more intentional.

Services offered:
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Jayne S smiling and looking at the camera wearing a floral print shirt

Jayne S.


STYLE: Autumn, Natural Classic

Jayne operates her studio out of Pella, Iowa — the perfect place to take a day trip with your friends and family! Amazing Dutch treats AND color analysis all in one visit? Yes, please!

When Jayne found color and style analysis, she knew it would change her life after years of feeling stuck in a wardrobe rut. She felt so excited after her appointment and left with much needed direction for make-up, shopping, and curating a capsule closet!

Jayne believes that everyone is already a masterpiece, perfect just as they are. She can’t wait to help clients enhance their lives by seeing the BEST colors that are PERFECT for them.

Services offered:
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Jess F.

LOCATION: Indianola

STYLE: Winter & Dramatic Classic

With a background in customer service and strategic operations, Jess understands the importance of a first impression and a professional image. She found the color analysis process profoundly changed the way she showed up for her life. Jess was able to streamline her professional and casual wardrobes and make strategic purchases to serve her in all of life’s events.

Jess is currently serving as a customer relationship manager in the IT industry, and loves her career. She’ll be seeing color analysis clients on the weekends, and offering closet clean outs and personal shopping. Working alongside the House of Colour Des Moines team and attending House of Colour training has been a creative outlet for Jess and House of Colour is a dream bonus career! Her commitment to serving others and love of operational efficiencies make Jess the perfect addition to the team.

Jess grew up in Indianola and resides on a farm near Osceola with her husband and three kids. Currently in her “chauffeur mom era”, she loves driving her three kids to their activities and being the loudest mom on the sidelines. Jess and her husband love to try new restaurants, spend time on the water, and travel with their kids. Jess is excited for the opportunity to empower her clients to make impactful impressions and assist them in making strategic wardrobe decisions.

Services offered:
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Naphtali C smiling wearing red glasses looking at camera

Naphtali C.


STYLE: Autumn & Natural Romantic

Twenty years ago, Naphtali found the beauty industry and it instantly became her passion! She started out as a make-up artist before entering the hair industry. Naphtali has specialized in hair color and extensions for most of her career.

When Naphtali had her color analysis done, she was confident going in she would already know the process and outcome, especially when it came to analyzing people’s eyes, hair color and skin tone. But her own color analysis appointment showed her that there were many gaps in her own understanding of personal coloring. It truly blew Naphtali away when she saw the process with her own eyes.

When she saw how powerful, scientific, and extensive our process was, Naphtali knew that day that she needed to learn EVERYTHING she possibly could about it!

Naphtali loves education and furthering her knowledge of ANYTHING about color. So far, she’s loved every minute of her experience as an image consultant and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Services offered:
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Kyla B smiling and looking at camera, wearing a pink headband and jacket

Kyla B.


STYLE: Winter, Ingenue Romantic

Kyla was gifted a color analysis at a time when she was not feeling her most confident. Finding out her “wow” colors instantly changed how she saw herself. From that point on, Kyla encouraged everyone she met to have their colors done. Once Kyla experienced Style Analysis, fell in love with the whole process, science, and ease of being able to put an outfit together and shine from the inside out.

Kyla knew joining The New Space team would be the perfect opportunity for her to be able to help others find their shine, too!

In Kyla’s free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and doing CrossFit.

Services offered:
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Kate B smiling at camera wearing a pink jacket

Kate B.


STYLE: Winter, Classic Ingenue

When she first had her colors done, Kate couldn’t believe how powerful the experience was. Kate immediately gained confidence and has never felt better. Knowing her season and clothing personality makes shopping more enjoyable. It allowed her to find those missing pieces in her wardrobe that make her feel confident in her busy everyday life.

After her color consultation, Kate knew she wanted to become an image consultant. She aims to help empower men and women to feel better about themselves and gain the confidence she felt through her experience. Kate is excited to share her love for color and style with her clients. She works in her studio space in Coralville, Iowa.

Services offered:
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Sara W smiling and looking at camera wearing a lavendar jean jacket

Sara W.


STYLE: Summer, Dramatic Gamine

Sara has been changing clients’ lives out of her Carroll location since 2020. Before having her own color analysis, Sara remembers being disappointed and hard on herself every time she’d buy something that looked great on someone else … only to find it didn’t work for her! She stuck with primarily wearing black by believing everyone could wear it and that it was slimming!

Sara consistently struggled with shopping, picking out clothing each day, and feeling drab. Then she found color analysis. During her appointment, she felt like her eyes were opened! What a relief it was to know all the RIGHT options that were out there for hair color, make-up, and clothing. Sara loves giving everyone the same gift of confidence and authenticity that changed her life. She enjoys celebrating clients’ God-given characteristics and natural beauty at their appointments!

Services offered:
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Sherry V smiling looking at the camera wearing a bright pink jacket

Sherry V.


STYLE: Winter, Dramatic Classic

Sherry is seeing color clients from her home studio in Norwalk on weekdays and is also offering Saturday and Sunday appointments. Sherry has an extensive background in women’s empowerment and helping them navigate life throughout every phase. When she had her color analysis, it excited her to see how the session enhanced her own confidence and she knew it was a valuable tool she wanted to share with others.

When Sherry had her style session it was like having all the puzzle pieces fall into place. She understood why certain clothes just never felt right for her. She felt free to stop trying to adapt to trends and empowered to instead focus on what she loved and what loved her back.

Sherry feels that understanding your best colors and personal style builds your confidence, making the image you see in the mirror one that truly reflects who you are inside and out.

Services offered:
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Chloe G.


STYLE: Autumn, Natural Ingenue

Services offered:
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