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Our goal for The New Space is for you to feel welcomed and celebrated when you step inside!

pink conference room with black and white rug and a table for six

Everything about this location is designed to make you smile. Book any of our services or walk-in to shop our retail and makeup. Our front desk staff is equipped to help you find what you need and leave feeling your best!

Currently, our retail products are in-store only. We have partnered with some amazing ‘Boss Babes’ across the Midwest to display their products. Shop our baseball hats, tops and bottoms, and belt bags by season. This is the perfect place to stop in and grab a gift certificate or present for your favorite friend!

We also love to share! The New Space has seating for 25 people for your next celebration or corporate gathering. Inquire here about booking our boardroom, sitting area, or entire space for your next workshop, photoshoot, or function. Including two restrooms and a prep kitchen, The New Space has everything you need for your next event.

Two women standing and talking while handing over a gift certificate


Gift certificates are available for individual or group appointments. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend a group analysis. We can add your loved one to a friendly group, they can bring a friend, or later upgrade to an individual analysis.

You can buy a gift certificate for color, style, or a dollar amount. If you have a House of Colour Super Fan, they can use the certificate to shop our retail and makeup in their favorite WOW colors!

Treat that hard to buy person to a color analysis, a unique experience that will change how they shop forever!

Stop by in person for makeup refills or shop using the link below!

Click here, and use your consultant code for 30% off! We offer this same discount in all of our studios.


  • Ally Van Iten: VANITEN
  • Amy Harland: HARLANDA
  • Amy Savage: SAVAGEAM
  • April Coulter: COULTERA
  • Desiree Nichols: NICHOLSD
  • Jade Bodermann: MARTJADE
  • Jayne Stark: STARKJAY
  • Jess Flaherty: FLAHJESS
  • Kate Belland: BELLANDK
  • Kyla Broomfiled: BROOMFIE
  • Naphtali Crouse: CROUSENA
  • Sara Wordekemper: WORDEKEM
  • Sherry Vanantwerp: VANARTWE

Shop LTK


Looking for shoppable links in your colors? We post weekly roundups of trending items and label them by season. After your analysis, this is a great starting point to find items in your colors!

Download the Shop LTK app and follow @houseofcolour_DesMoines to see our curated boards and links.

Meet Our Friends

We are proud to partner with the following creators. These brands and boutiques have honored our process and learned our lingo to help you find items in your colors and style. This is the best starting place to build a life and closet full of COLOR!


These are our in-store vendors! These women make items and have them verified “by season” so you can shop for accessories in your best colors. We accept Venmo in store for the following products, or you can shop their websites online.

Centered Jewelry

Owner Leslie desires to provide jewelry that can be worn with your favorite jeans or your little black dress, transforming your clothes into stylish outfits. Centered Jewelry is meant to be stacked so that you can create a look that expresses your unique, God-given beauty and personality. Leslie and her team take great pride in our handcrafted products, locally-owned brands, and loyal customers that represent the values of Centered Jewelry! Their bracelet stacks come in a variety of metals, sizes, and colors and are on display at The New Space.


During the pandemic, Kiersten sought a creative outlet and found it in creating clay jewelry. She has since added other metals and materials to her inventory and continues to expand her designs. Teaming up with The New Space has been the perfect partnership to deliver quality pieces to clients in a variety of colors and styles. Especially Kiersten’s gorgeous earrings, which are the missing piece to all your casual and formal dress-up outfits. Stop in The New Space and see them displayed “by season!”


Ellie had her colors done with our team and found the process life changing! She started making jewelry, headbands, and accessories “by season.” Her glamorous, handmade items are a favorite among consultants and clients. They come in variety of sizes to suit different styles and preferences. See her headbands on display at The New Space.


Whether you’re looking for a bold color or something more subtle, this local mother-daughter team has created a collection with something for everyone! The accessories they craft at Wow Color Co. stems from their belief that jewelry is not just a fashion accessory, but a way to express your individuality and celebrate life. Their jewelry will add a pop of color to your wardrobe. See their colorful acrylic bracelets at The New Space!


Come meet Mitch and Samantha with Fine Line Custom Attire, our favorite custom suit company! We’ll help you pick items by season, style, and tailor to your best fit.

Available options include dresses, jackets, pants, skirts, and coats for men and women. Find the best looks for work and play. A consultant will attend your session to make sure the colors and style work with your season and clothing personality. Items will be custom-made, then available to pick up in 6 weeks via an in-person fitting to ensure the tailoring is perfect for you. Sessions will be approximately 1.5 hours per person, 2 hours per couple. Available to men and women.

Email here to request a price sheet.


These are storefronts in the Des Moines area that have connected with our team through our Retail Partnership Program. We have gone into these stores and taught their staff how to shop “by season.”

You’ll find our enthusiasts and branding in these stores, as well as receive help from their skilled employees to shop your colors. The store owners also intentionally provide items from each season. These local boutiques are female-owned, and they uplift every customer who walks through their door!

Ally and Maria sitting on a green sofa holding color charts

MARIA VINCENT’s mission is simple: to help women feel confident in their fashion style by providing a simple shopping experience. Shop with ease online or at their Prairie Trail location using the simple concept of core wardrobe. “Must haves” in every closet. A solid foundation of classic clothes that can be built upon with contemporary pieces. MARIA VINCENT believes every woman should love what is in her closet and feel good wearing it!

1610 SW Main St Suite 102B, Ankeny, IA 50023

Are you interested in learning if the Retail Partnership Program is a good fit for your business?
Submit a request here!


These websites offer shopping discounts to our clients.

These boutiques have had items verified or have chosen to partner with House of Colour Des Moines through an affiliate program. Use the links and discount codes below:

Affiliate Code: HoCDesMoines to get 10%

Affiliate Code: HoCDSM to get 10%