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Naphtali C.

Twenty years ago, Naphtali found the beauty industry and it instantly became her passion! She started out as a make-up artist before entering the hair industry. Naphtali has specialized in hair color and extensions for most of her career.

When Naphtali had her color analysis done, she was confident going in she would already know the process and outcome, especially when it came to analyzing people’s eyes, hair color and skin tone. But her own color analysis appointment showed her that there were many gaps in her own understanding of personal coloring. It truly blew Naphtali away when she saw the process with her own eyes.

When she saw how powerful, scientific, and extensive our process was, Naphtali knew that day that she needed to learn EVERYTHING she possibly could about it!

Naphtali loves education and furthering her knowledge of ANYTHING about color. So far, she’s loved every minute of her experience as an image consultant and can’t wait to share it with all of you!